Implementing a halal certification system

Garantia HalalThe implantation and maintenance of a halal certification system is a demanding process that requires adequate training and good coordination of all the people involved in it.
This process is divided into the following stages:
Study of the productive processes of the company, the characteristics of the product and the production, critical aspects from the halal perspective, etc.
Once this study over, the company that decides to go ahead with halal production must apply for the certification to Halal Institute. This procedure begins with a data collection and an evaluation questionnaire.
Next, the documentation provided by the customer will be reviewed and the specifications for the affected products will be supplied. It is at this point that the customer must acquire a good knowledge of the regulations that affect his target markets through reading the regulation, consulting specialized publications and opting for some of the courses offered by Halal Academy on regulations.
Once this documentary phase is concluded, the certification audit will be carried out. Then, the company will be asked to correct or modify those aspects that do not comply with the regulations.
After this process, if the company complies with the regulations requirements, it will be in a position to obtain its halal certification.
After that, it must train all the personnel involved, a process that must be repeated regularly and especially with the new recruits.