Halal Academy


The Halal Academy is a training center specialized in the halal concept. Headquartered in Spain, it offers on-line and mixed training both to individuals and to organizations that have implemented or wish to implement a halal certification system integrated with the rest of the company quality systems. The Halal Academy is authorized by the Junta Islámica (Islamic Board of Spain) to give the corresponding training to maintain the Halal Guarantee Mark granted by this body. It was created in 2014, and since then, it has been improving and expanding its specialized training offer.
Our center has a wide range of training products aimed at meeting the needs of institutions, companies and individuals who need to know the halal concept in its different fields of application. We also offer the possibility of creating courses tailored to the company or institution on demand.
Some facts that support our service: More than 1.000 students and 250 companies have received training in our academy since its creation.