The Halal Academy team

Our team includes experts with a significant career in Quality Standards, Trade and Halal Certification. We also have a network of experts and collaborators, to offer the most suitable and relevant contents to our customers.

Dr. Bárbara Ruiz-Bejarano.
Dr. Bárbara Ruiz-Bejarano.Director. Doctor in Arabic and Islamic Studies.
Founding member of the UNESCO-UA Chair “Islam, culture and society”. She has ample experience in delivering projects and training in international affairs & trade.

D. Faiad Barbash.
D. Faiad Barbash.Academic Director.
BSC by Damascus University, he is currently pursuing his PhD in Cordoba University in Arabic and Islamic Studies.

Antonio de Diego
Antonio de Diego Normalization Director of Halal Institute
PhD in Cultural Anthropology and Islamic Studies, he is a researcher and professor of the Halal Academy. He has enjoyed research stays in Venezuela, USA, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Senegal and Mauritania.

Gemma Ballesteros
Gemma BallesterosResponsible for relationships with the value chain
BA in Fine Arts and Tourism. Diploma in Islamic Studies by IESH Chateau-She has resided in Turkey, Bulgaria and France.

 Enrique Gómez.
Enrique Gómez.Collaborating teacher
BSc in Veterinary and Food Science and Technology. He specialises in training F&B sector companies.
Dª. Pilar FernándezComercial Director.
BSC in Economy and marketing, she has previous experience in developing training projects for the Andalusian Government.