The Halal Academy

The Halal Academy is a private training centre specialised in the halal concept. Headquarters in iconic Al Andalus, it offers online, onsite and tailored training both to professionals and organizations dealing with halal-certified products, having a halal quality system implemented, or wanting to get the latest updates for entrepreneurship and business.

It is accredited by Islamic Board of Spain to deliver the training for the Halal Guarantee Mark of the Halal Institute. It was created in 2014 and since then it has been expanding its activities and its specialised training portfolio.

The Academy offers a wide range or training and consultancy products, aimed at targeting specific needs of organizations, companies or individuals who work with the halal concept in the different areas of application. Also, we can create tailored products upon request in several languages.

More than one thousand students receive training every year in our Campus, and more than 300 companies worldwide prove our excellent service.

Training services

Opportunities for non-OIC countries imply that their SMEs will need to acquire the relevant knowledge to access halal markets. Both for extant SMEs or start-ups, there are relevant opportunities in several sectors. Not only for exports, but also to serve the demand of European muslim consumers, about 50 million by 2020.

All economic sectors

Training covering horizontal core concepts:

  • Introduction to the halal concept (Online / Onsite, 10 hrs.);
  • Introduction to OIC markets (Online / Onsite, 6 hrs);
  • Implementing the Halal Quality Management System (Online / Onsite, 15 hrs).
  • Training on specific Halal Standards (OIC-SMIIC, MS, HAAS, GSO, etc) – Tailored.
  • Halal internal audits– Tailored.

Consultancy: “Halal-Readiness” – preparing companies to obtain Halal Certification.

Access to Halal Trade Fairs.

Service of marketing, branding y and advertising consultancy and support.

Food & Beverages

Specific training for the sector:

  • Introduction to the halal concept (Online / Onsite, 10 hrs.);
  • Development of the halal concept (Online / Onsite, 15 hrs);
  • Marketing halal-certified products (Online / Onsite, 6 hrs);
  • Traceability and ingredients (Online / Onsite, 6 hrs);
  • Ritual sacrifice (slaughterhouses) – poultry, ovine, bovine- (Online / Onsite, 6 hrs).
  • Training on specific Halal Standards (OIC-SMIIC, MS, HAAS, GSO, etc) – Tailored.

Consultancy and projects: new product development, alternative ingredients, packaging and labelling design, formulations and commercial denomination, etc.

Tourism and hospitality

Specific training for the sector:

  • Accreditation of Halal Tour Guides (HALTUR®) (Online, 50 hrs)
  • Accreditation of Professionals for Muslim-Friendly Tourism (HALPRO®) (Online, 70 hrs)
  • Excellence in the service of the Muslim customer (Luxury retail & Hospitality) (Onsite, 8 hrs);
  • Catering Halal service (30 hrs).

Consultancy and projects: catering service, events, hospitality, restauration, trade fairs.

Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals

Specific training for the sector:

  • Halal Cosmetics and Pharma ingredients (Online / Onsite, 10 hrs);
  • Marketing, branding and advertising halal cosmetics & pharma (Online / Onsite, 10 hrs).


  • MS Halal Logistics Standards (Online / Onsite, 10 hrs).

Economy and Finance

  • Halal entrepreneurship (mentoring).
  • Crowdfunding, start-up and growth in the halal sector (Online, 6 horas).

Other tailored training

  • Halal haute cuisine
  • Export managers for halal markets
  • Marketing managers for halal markets
  • Halal production managers
  • Halal supply chain and logistics
  • Financial products

Consultancy and business development

  • Halal entrepreneurship, business transformation, start-up, growth.
  • Access to OIC markets
  • Effective Cultural communication in OIC markets
  • Singular projects

Available in Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Malay, Indonesian and other languages.